It’s been awhile…

Yo… 😀 I know, I know… it’s been quite awhile since my last post. Not cool. Right? Nothing significant to report. Weight loss battle still kicking my ass, check. Still having a love-hate relationship with my CPAP machine, check. Ya! 

I did get a new CPAP mask… this has help. Aside from the awesome sore it was leaving on the bridge of my nose. Now I have to sleep with a bandage each night to help prevent that while it almos it heals. 



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So this is Tuesday… Tuesday afternoon…


Went over my points and used all my, “cheat points”, and my activity points for a grand total of -10 points. I am telling myself that I will work out tomorrow to make up for it. I’ll get back to you on that one.
My mood = crappy.
CPAP machine and I are not getting along well.

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Today I woke up hating the world and now, I’m feeling so-so. I made it through the day at least. I didn’t think I could this morning.The weather is beautiful, so that helps! I ate way too much yesterday and drank some beers. Still on track with the points kind of, so I’ve got that going for me. Well, until tomorrow.

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“She’s crafty”

I had the full on munchies last night. Cheese slices, vita muffin tops dipped in whip free,Chicka Boom Skinny Pop Popcorn,(huge favorite), and crackers. Needless to say, I did use some of my cheat points. That’s what those are there for, thank God. I would have failed this weight watchers stuff along time ago otherwise.
I think I got so snackie, well I know I got so snackie, from my afternoon cocktail(s). Skinny Girl Cosmo. Low cal! Delish! However, drinking always gives me this huge appetite. It never fails.
Oh and, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Maybe another cocktail or 2 is in my future this evening. I’ll try and eat super light and healthy just in case. This is the reality of it, don’t judge:p
Since you’re already not judging, I’ll go ahead and admit that my 3 mile walk had me so sore last night. I used to run 4.5 miles? W t f ?
The CPAP machine and I are slowly getting along a little better. It still wakes me up sometimes at night, but it seems to be a tiny bit less. Which is exciting to me, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, it’s still taking some adjusting.
My main goal for this blog today is to announce my plan to reintroduce myself with the things that make me happy but I forgot about and/or no longer do.
Today, I shall be crafty. After cleaning and working out, I shall reward myself with going to the craft store and completing, or at least starting, a project I’ve been wanting to do.

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An yes :D the weekend

Hello weekend! Goodbye stress and being stuck in a building for 8+ hours.
Fresh air, cleaning, sleeping, relaxing, friends, quality time with the significant other, and oh did I mention relaxing? Doing everything on your time, no one else’s. Ahhhh love, it.


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My day and age

One more post yet this morning.

A friend revealed earlier this week that she is 4 months pregnant. My other friends all have children, recently had children, or are talking about having children. In my immediate circle of friends that keep in touch everyday, I am the only one with no such plans or existing children. Oh I’ve also found out recently that an ex of mine is having a child. This is the same ex I wouldn’t even trust to watch my dog. Seriously. That’s another blog in itself.

My current boyfriend cannot have children. I say that I don’t want children. But, with all that is going on around me, one can imagine that I am second guessing myself. I’m not sure I can have children, I was in a long term relationship that we both agreed that whatever happens, happens, in the children department, and opted to not use any form of birth control. 

Anyway, I know that I’ve said that because I don’t want that weird thing to happen that happens with people. “OOOooo, when are you going to have kids?” Then you tell them that as a couple you cannot. “OOO well you can always adopt”. First of all, who are these people to assume that we want kids and that they should feel sorry for us? Stupid. That’s why it’s easier to say that kids aren’t for us. 

That’s my rant for the day. 

Peace out. 

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Here is Friday

Well, I wish I could report that the CPAP machine and I are getting along better, but we are not. This time I took it off after it woke me up for the 5th time. One time it was making a weird nose, I had to pull the mask up and then back down to get it to stop.Urg and each time something weird happens it wakes me up. I’m not usually such a light sleeper, but I speculate it’s because this is all new and weird.

I took a personal day yesterday and I damn near slept 7 hours on and off that day, without the machine. I attribute that to being the only reason I feel some what rested this morning. I am going to down a couple cups of coffee and head into work early.

MMM I need to mention my breakfast, wontons. I made them last night and they were a hit! They are a lower fat version than the take out version. They are tasty. That is why you could imagine my surprise when I opened the refrigerator and there were some still in there. Not anymore! 😀

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