Here is Friday

Well, I wish I could report that the CPAP machine and I are getting along better, but we are not. This time I took it off after it woke me up for the 5th time. One time it was making a weird nose, I had to pull the mask up and then back down to get it to stop.Urg and each time something weird happens it wakes me up. I’m not usually such a light sleeper, but I speculate it’s because this is all new and weird.

I took a personal day yesterday and I damn near slept 7 hours on and off that day, without the machine. I attribute that to being the only reason I feel some what rested this morning. I am going to down a couple cups of coffee and head into work early.

MMM I need to mention my breakfast, wontons. I made them last night and they were a hit! They are a lower fat version than the take out version. They are tasty. That is why you could imagine my surprise when I opened the refrigerator and there were some still in there. Not anymore! 😀

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