My day and age

One more post yet this morning.

A friend revealed earlier this week that she is 4 months pregnant. My other friends all have children, recently had children, or are talking about having children. In my immediate circle of friends that keep in touch everyday, I am the only one with no such plans or existing children. Oh I’ve also found out recently that an ex of mine is having a child. This is the same ex I wouldn’t even trust to watch my dog. Seriously. That’s another blog in itself.

My current boyfriend cannot have children. I say that I don’t want children. But, with all that is going on around me, one can imagine that I am second guessing myself. I’m not sure I can have children, I was in a long term relationship that we both agreed that whatever happens, happens, in the children department, and opted to not use any form of birth control. 

Anyway, I know that I’ve said that because I don’t want that weird thing to happen that happens with people. “OOOooo, when are you going to have kids?” Then you tell them that as a couple you cannot. “OOO well you can always adopt”. First of all, who are these people to assume that we want kids and that they should feel sorry for us? Stupid. That’s why it’s easier to say that kids aren’t for us. 

That’s my rant for the day. 

Peace out. 

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