Just… Hello

1 pound lost in one week. Better than I expected considering I wasn’t doing as well with my meals and being as active this time around.

My sleep was interrupted a lot.
I’m not sure if a whole mouth piece would be better than the nose piece I have now. I think I sleep on my side more than I thought. This makes the nose pillow thingy blow air out the side. Then the air on top blows in my eyes, ugh. Confusing really.

Sleeeeeeeeeeeep. I would like to try it soon! Ive heard wonderful things about it.

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My posts are pretty lame. I think I

My posts are pretty lame. I think I intend them to be all about my weight … hopefully, loss. The where I came from, what I am going through, to hopefully the, “how I got here” journey. Yesterday I was feeling pretty positive about it all, if you’d ask me today I’d tell you I don’t think I can make it. I want to blow up and say F*** it and eat everything. I’m not sure why, or what’s going on. Not cool. I am going to try holding out until tomorrow. I’ve had these moments of weakness before. I have been successful thus far. This time around anyway. Tomorrow is weigh in day, tomorrow morning to be exact. I already feel like I blew it since I ate a little much for dinner. I have been doing so good up until this point. 10 pounds as of last Thursday. I think I will be lucky to have gone down 1 pound this week 😦 This is discouraging. I am not stupid, I knew and I know that you can’t continue to lose 5 pounds a week. I am not even working out lately, just walking the dogs once or twice a day and home improvement projects.

Also, I am sorry for complaining, apparently this is my pity party… the whole sleeping with a CPAP thing is not helping. I had to explain why I was so emotionally today to my boss and another coworker. I wasn’t even that bad really, but enough where they’d probably want to know why I am tearing up so easily.


Well, I just want to go take a nap and test it out again. I would really like a good nights sleep tonight. That would be awesome.

Until tomorrow…

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Dinner time… got out of control

Why is it… that I can be good allllllll day with my portion sizes and then when dinner comes along, BAM! 2 HUGE servings… pretty sure I went over the points today. I estimated so my app thinks I’m right on track…

I should have ate half of that.


oh well.

Tomorrow is a new day.


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I am crabby again. Maybe I’m putting too much

I am crabby again.

Maybe I’m putting too much into this thinking of mine that this CPAP machine will give me restful sleep and I will wake up as a brand new person.

Maybe it will take a few days, weeks, months.


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Last night was my first night sleeing with a cpap machine. I’m gearing up for a nap now to test it out again. Last night was OK, but was very crabby all day.
This is another reason I’m losing weight. I’d like to try and get rid of this sleep apnea I’ve recently been diagnosed with.
Even though… I’m pretty sure I’ve had sleep apnea for a long while and I haven’t always been overweight. Well, I have been 30 plus pounds over weight since I was 24/25.
Enough dwelling in the past. I’m moving forward. That’s where I am now an this is what dealing with.
I’m looking forward to getting an actual good nights sleep.
Oh and I’m looking forward to losing more weight!
Oh life, you are a roller coaster ride.
I’m hanging on, let’s go! Here’s something to make you smile….


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Something to think about


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